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  • Learn to code. Or don’t.
    Reasons to learn to code: You have an offer for a job that involves coding, or could benefit from it Existing tools don’t serve your needs well, or at all You enjoy it “Learn to code” is the common refrain for what to do when you’re poor. It’s misguided at best, malicious indifference at worst. […]
  • My first furry convention
    As much as I would love to put photos in here, I didn’t have the awareness I do now that furry is a majority-queer community, so I wasn’t very careful about obscuring faces in the photos I took. Sonic the Hedgehog was my first crush at a young age, so I was destined to become […]
  • ActivityPub could be the future
    This is a post I originally wrote and published here in 2020. I’ve put it back up in the same place since a lot of people are looking it up in light of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the ongoing fallout. I plan to do a followup here in 2022 with all I’ve learned […]